I might not write another post in Kiel again, so I guess I’ll hurry and post one now!

It is Day 125 and tomorrow at 2:00a.m. I’ll wake up, grab a taxi at 2:30a.m., take the bus, arrive at Hamburg at 4:30a.m., leave at 6:00a.m. and I’ll be on my flight journey back home. Please pray that I’ll catch the flight to Salt Lake. I only have an hour layover in Seattle. Pray real hard!

It’s 9:15a.m. and I am waiting for the handtowels to dry so I can give them back to Petra. Today I’ll say goodbye to my co-workers. I am so sad to say goodbye. Goodbyes are never fun. But I am the luckiest person in the world that I got to meet them. There’s still a lifetime ahead of me and I’m sure I will see them again.

The Hausmeister comes at 2:45 today and I hope everything will go smoothly. I’m excited to get my 250 euro deposit back. I’ve been cleaning for the past two hours and all night yesterday, so everything should be fine.

Tonight for my last hurrah my roommates Lane and Svenja and I are going to the Kiel Weihnachtsmarkt. I think I’ll go to the stand where they sell the bread boards and buy two for Spence and me. Spence likes the idea of doing Abendbrot. I don’t mind (I love Abendbrot), as long as we can buy some good meat and bread. I am also all up for doing what Renate and Hans do for breakfast–cutting up lots and lots of fruit and putting it on a big plate in the middle of the table. Yummy.

Wanna know some set plans for when I get home? I will hopefully not miss my flight to Salt Lake and will arrive in the evening, just in time to grab some Zupas before we go home. Mmm. Then Spence has school on Thursday so I’ll see what I do–I might go change my name. On Friday I’ve got a hair appointment with Jami, which I’m super excited about since I haven’t seen her in forever and I feel like a wookie. I think I’m going to dye it. I won’t tell you how, but I think I’ll keep my hair long and just do something different with the color. Then I’ll stop by my grandparents, stop by my mom’s when she gets home from work and say hi to sibbies, and meet up with Spence when he’s done with school.

Satuday–laser tag for Katie’s birthday, Bryant’s wedding dinner (Bryant is getting married, yippi!), and Tab Choir concert.

Sunday–The Margetts homecoming!

And more and more. Ana and Megan and I also planned a little Christmas get together for the three of us. I’m in charge of hot chocolate. Mmm-hmm.

This journey has been rad. WAY more awesome than I thought it’d be. Like way more. I didn’t know I could love Germany more than I already had. Schleswig-Holstein is a beautiful state with some awesome people taking care of it in the state chancellery. But seriously. This state is beautiful. So much to see.

When I get home I’m sure I’ll write a post of me looking back at it all, since it sounds like something I would do. 🙂 But for now I’m so sad to say goodbye to everyone today and so excited to be in that taxi tomorrow morning on the way for home. This middle stage where everything is packed and uncomfortable is just bleh. Time to get out of it.

Have a wonderful day. See y’all soon.

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  1. Sunna

    Miss you already, sugar!

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