Hey friends.

Today I have to pick five of my best photos from the internship to put them in a contest. I’m a little overwhelmed since I took so many pictures and I’m not sure which ones to choose from. Like, landscape photos? Just, whatever?

I’ve been shopping like crazy for Spencer’s Christmas presents. I’ve gotten three things, but now I’m stuck on what else to get him. We have a budget for each other this year that’s cut in half from last year (since I haven’t gotten paid for five months of the year).

Last night I dreamt I was in a french class and a professor who didn’t like me much (who I tried to get to like me the whole time) came up and asked me to say something in French. So I sat there trying to remember any French on the spot and I came up with “Je ne sais pas” and “Je danse.” Ha! But the rest of the dream I spoke in German. Because it was a French class in Germany.

Spencer says I wake up in the middle of the night and say weird things in German.

We’ve been going going going because it’s the holidays and I’m back and I want to see people. It has been a party, but I’m starting to feel that I need a few hours alone to re-energize. Last night I sat on my bathroom floor with my journal and phone and turned the shower on real hot. I didn’t get in and I felt guilty for leaving the water on, but I just needed to relax and the hot air did it.

On Wednesday I saw my two best friends. They’ve been my best friends since I was fourteen. This time we met at Ana’s, who has a town house and, compared to my apartment, is much more roomy and cozy. She made soup, Megan brought bread bowls, and I brought my coco mix jar (the one Spencer got me last year for Christmas) and the Cocomotion. We sat at an actual dining table with actual dining chairs and we felt all grown up.

Megan received an internship that she has wanted for three years now. I knew she’d get it and I am jumping up and down for her. She will travel around the country writing press releases for the American Junior Golf Association. She has always been a strong, smart, amazing person who fights for what she wants. She deserves this. I’m so proud of her.

Ana and her husband Jake are working like crazy and Jake is just finishing another semester of college. Ana just got her green card that has taken months and months and months or exhausting work to do. What a pain in the butt, immigration is in the United States! Boo! Ana’s house is beautiful. She has done so much fun stuff with it. I came home and told Spencer all about it and what things I want to copy. She just finished the Count of Monte Cristo and is now excited about her new book of all of Jane Austen’s work. She’s starting with Pride and Prejudice. Ana has always dreamed about making clothes and taking fashion classes and she’s been able to do all of this. My friends are just rad.

On Tuesday Gayla and I made home made mints that look like gourmet chocolates. I love how crafty Gayla is. She knows how to fix and work with anything and turn it into a masterpiece. She is so talented and I love learning these things from her. Things that seem impossible to me, like finding these darn cute mint boxes (like what the crap where do you find these things?!) are just second nature to her. So, so fun.

I’m so happy I’m home. Are you enjoying the holidays?

Tonight is the Christmas party for Gayla’s family. Spencer will be Santa Claus.