Wednesday night-

Snuggle time with Spencer, Dr. Pepper, a run to Zupas for a roasted red pepper soup, a turkey bacon avocado, and an italian club (Spencer ordered the thai mango salad, but they forgot to give it to us. Gr, Zupas!) and… what else? Ah yes, Spencer made me stay up until 9pm. By 7 I was dead.


 I had woken up a few times in the night because of my jet lag, so at 7am I was up and ready. By 9 we left the house to go grocery shopping where we bought all that yummy fruit. We made baked potatoes for that night. What did we do in the middle of the day?


Spence had work and school, so I drove him to his work and then got my haircut by cute Jami. She trimmed it so it looks super healthy now AND it’s dark. Pretty darn dark. So far I like it a lot. I’ve always wanted to try out the dark look. I’ll post pictures when I feel like it.

After I got my haircut, I drove over five minutes to Grandma’s house where Grandma also had a rad new haircut. Aren’t we styling people? I sat with them for two plus hours and talked about my adventures, and they updated me on the family. It was so fun to be in their cozy big house again, where their art pieces hang on the walls and Grandpa has his art studio in the basement.

Finally I made my way to the family home where I knew any minute Mom would be home from work and I’d be able to see my sibs. Happy happy happy!


On Saturday we went to Bryant and Annie’s family dinner. Annie looked like a beautiful winter princess with her white and light yellow bouquet. I saw my dad for the first time and sat next to him and made jokes the whole time. I’ve missed him. We all drank hot chocolate with hazelnut flavoring and whipped cream. Stacey said Spencer and I could take home one of the evergreens they had decorated all around the cultural hall. Free Christmas tree!

Then we finally got to see the Lloyd and Gayla family. We went and played laser tag for Katie’s birthday. I lost. Lloyd laughed at me. I was so happy to hug each one of them. And then shoot them down in a large black room. 🙂

We had Cafe Rio afterwards and then we all went to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert which is always such a wonderful thing in the winter time. John Rhys-Davies performed (aka Gimli, the dwarf from Lord of the Rings!) as well as Deborah Voigt, the opera singer. Our family, who had seen the famous candy bomber perform last year at the Christmas concert, said the performance was average. Still, it was worth seeing.

Spence and I said goodbye to our sweet family and walked around temple square, seeing the gorgeous Christmas lights. Then we bumped into Bryant and Annie (who had just gotten married earlier). We were busting a gut. I held back my jokes.

(our crappy phone pictures)

Okay, this made me SO happy. I remember when I was little we used to walk by ZCMI’s, the old run-down half empty mall, at Christmas time and look in the windows at these giant candy displays. Spencer and I were ecstatic to see that the Macy’s at the new City Creek Center (where ZCMI formerly was) was doing it again. Yippi!


The Margetts’ homecoming! I saw Saher, who is spending a month in Utah for vacation. It’s his first time in America. The Margetts did a wonderful job on their talks and they invited Saher and me to come over to their house for their homecoming brunch. The tables were full of brötchen from the bakery downtown, all kinds of meats, German cookies, and of course other things like eclairs (num num) and other things to die for. It’s Sister Margetts’ food. What could be better? (Do you see how excited I get to talk about food? It may have to do with the lack of me taking care of myself for four months or something.) It was so fun to meet their family and make jokes and talk about our dear friends.

Then church. My ward. My homey happy crazy silly student ward! Oh, it was so fun to be back. I walked in a few minutes late as Bishop Knott was giving the announcements and he stopped and said “Welcome home, Anne!” and everyone turned back to look at me. “Sister Anne has been gone for four months on an internship and we’re happy to have her back. Now where was I? I got too excited and now I’ve lost my place.”

Of course it made my day. Our bishop is the sweetest man.

And then McKaye gave me the biggest hug on the planet and I wanted to cry cause I LOVE this girl. I worked with her in the relief society before I left and she loves the women in our ward. And she was a huge help to me when I was trying to get my butt to Germany in three weeks time. I adore McKaye. Adore.

And then I saw Claire, who I absolutely adore. The first conversation I ever had with Claire I just immediately loved her.

And then Heidi who bombarded me with another giant hug and we squealed and we just held on to each other as we walked to relief society and yelled over each other “How are you?” and “Tell me everything!”

I love our ward. I love the women in our ward. All these smart, kind, sassy pants girls. Love them. In the summer when I had to work every morning and I’d see all of the girls outside at the playgrounds chatting with each other with their babies I’d always say, “Spencer let’s just have babies so I can hang out with Claire and Heidi and McKaye whenever I want. How about it?” Haha.

After church we took a nap. Too much excitement going on.

And then we headed to my family’s to see more of my daddy and the rest of the bunch. Mira was on one with her stories. My dad egged Spencer on whenever he said something ridiculous and I yelled at the both of them. Mom was also on one. I stood next to Max and realized he’s only a few inches shorter than me and one day he’s going to be taller than me. Ohh, what a good time.

Monday morning-

Spencer is off to work and then has his last final in math. He’s done so well in school this semester. I am proud of him for being such a hard worker and being so constantly loving. He’s a winner.

I have finally blogged and now need to scoop up a few pictures to stick in here. Tonight we’ll get the tree from Jeff and Stacey’s and have family home evening. We’re trying not to use the cars too much today since the inversion is so incredibly bad. The air is awful.

Kiss kiss!


  1. So very glad you’re back, gorgeous girl.

  2. Das hört sich nach einer wundervollen Woche an! Ich freue mich für Euch!

    Die Weihnachtslichter sehen toll aus und auch den Bonbonelephanten finde ich einfach klasse. Da kommt bei mir gleich Weihnachtsstimmung auf. Bei uns ist es grau in grau und recht warm, nicht richtig weihnachtlich.

    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine harmonische Vorweihnachtszeit.

  3. Welcome home!!!

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