I came home to a bottle of Dr. Pepper, a welcome sign, a clean house, and a handsome man. And there were some things that needed to be taken out of the suitcase right away, like the breadboards I got from the Kiel Christmas market the night before, Spencer’s favorite German candy, my Emil Nolde postcards of his North Sea paintings that I’ve been dying to show Spencer, a bottle of Malzbier, a city map of Berlin that Spencer really wanted, and more. I’m so happy that I have a fabulous hubby. I’m home! I’m waiting to wake up from a dream and be back in Kiel. I’m home!

And I told you I was going to do it! The next morning Spence and I went and bought lots of fruit for breakfast, so we could eat like kings, just like Renate and Hans. Kiwis, bananas, apples, pears, mangoes, mandarins, and tea. I really wanted to drink my favorite Perle des Nils tea or Feenduft, the two kinds that Josa and Herbert gifted me, but we have to buy those tea egg things or whatever they’re called in English. You know, the thing that holds the tea stuff. Yeah… Anyway, they’re packed in these black shiny bags and have a lion on them. As much as I live opening the package and smelling them, I love how the package looks.
So happy to be home and bring my happy German things with. Now it’s 5am and I cannot sleep, but I guess I’ll try to put in a couple more hours. Yay for being home! 

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful visit today. It was heavenly to see you again. And your breakfast looks fabulous.

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