Days 114-116.
On Saturday morning Josa, Herbert and I drove to the Holland market, about fifteen minutes away from home. They often go Saturday mornings to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. I love seeing all those double a’s and e’s on the dutch signs. I love hearing the Dutch people at their stands, yelling “Mandarins, Mandarins right here! Come get em!” And I listen and I’m like, holy crap that is the weirdest language but I just understood everything they said. 
I love that the Netherlands is fifteen minutes away and it feels like totally different people. Dutch people immediately feel more laid back and silly. Look at these two:

“Are you taking a picture of me?!” the guy yelled.
“Um, uh, no, but can I?”
“Yes, take a picture!” he yelled at the woman at the other stand, “Hey get over here! We’re taking a picture!”
She jumped up immediately. “Here we go, we’re taking a picture,” and she crawled over the table to stand next to the man. 
Even though I’ve been in and out of Holland, I always feel when I’m there that I need to eat up all my time and look at everything as much as possible. My grandma lived here, my great grandparents lived here, and it’s like I need to catch a glimpse of my ancestors as much as I can. 

Later in the day Josa, Herbert, Marie and I went to Jülich and checked out the little Weihnachtsmarkt. I also went into a store and BOUGHT something–a blue big sweater shirt thing. It felt so good. When I get home I really need to invest in some cute, warm, long sleeved shirts.

Look at this cute growing girl.

I’m always lucky to get a piece of this family. I’m so, so happy I got to see them again before I head back.

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  1. There’s some Dutch inside of you. I love when you cross that border.

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