“The new TV will fit in the hutch,” Spencer says through Skype.

“It will?”

“Yeah, we’re just going to need to cut a hole in the back of it.”

“Cut a hole in the TV?”

“No, the hutch.”

“…You want to cut a hole in the hutch so we can fit an old free TV in it?”

“Yeah, I mean, no one will see it. Yeah, so we’ll just cut off the back.”

“…Spencer, don’t cut a hole in that hutch.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s the hutch! We can’t go cutting holes into nice pieces of furniture.”

“But it’s like an inch away from fitting.”

“Spencer do not cut a hole in that hutch.”

“Well you’re not even here.”

“Spencer! Do not cut a hole in that hutch!”

“Fine! Gosh. You always ruin the fun.”


  1. You are never going to see the back of that hutch ever. It will always be against a wall. I’m all for making things fit, as long as the madness doesn’t show AT ALL from the front.

    Am I voting for Spencer on this one?

  2. Question: Will the hole show when the doors are open and you’re watching TV?

    Because that might change my vote.

  3. You guys make me laugh!

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