Today Spencer got the almond. And for getting the almond, he received a $15 iTunes gift card and a chocolate orange. This year Grandma didn’t make the tapioca pudding, but she made cinnamon rolls instead, two of which had almonds. Pam got the other one.
I love the L family Christmas party because I get to see Chris and Scarlett, Ryan and Kristen, and cousins I never get enough time with. I love that darn nativity scene, seeing my handicapped uncle Mark play the donkey with twinkling eyes, watching little cousin Jane be Mary and Maggie be the angel and Ella be a crippled shepherd (the crippled part was her own add-on). I love watching Gavin and Dominique in their matching green and red pajamas banging on instruments as Grandma plays Sleigh Ride on the piano. I love singing Silent Night as Chris plays the song on his guitar. I am blessed with a beautiful, musical family full of traditions and bursts of laughter. 
Another highlight of the night was Maxwell opening a white elephant present: a pink apron with accompanied pink “lady’s mustaches.” He immediately tied the apron around his waist and wore it for the rest of the night.
Oh yeah, and my sister Mira beat me in an arm wrestle. In front of cousin Ambryn. I’m not sure what part is more humiliating. 
She also beat my mom.
I love this time. Merry Christmas, friends. Much, much love to all of you.