Watching Spencer fall in love with Hawaii. 

Riding a convertible with Uncle Dan.
Seeing Maxwell as a grumpy teenage boy.

Red rocks, arches, and water at Lake Powell.
Experiencing Mira’s first time at a nail salon. 
Kafka’s Der Prozess.

Wondering if I should be an atmospheric scientist.
Farmers Markets. 
Art festivals. 
Mint limeade.
Morning summer runs.
Creating a mutual relationship with God.
Feeling God’s love for me like never before.
Meeting Elder and Sister Margetts.
Meeting Petra, Sunna, and Rüdiger.
Letters from Katie. 
Understanding Christ.
Drinking gallons of hot chocolate.
Walking inside Emil Nolde’s house full of paintings.
Kissing Spencer on the streets of Berlin.
Soaking in the clouds on the North Sea.
Getting a glimpse of Denmark.
Seeing Greg, Cora, and Ethan.
Learning that I am enough.
Taking pictures in the Uinta mountains.
I am full of gratitude. 
Happy New Year, friends. I wish you the best.