In bed at 10:20. Miracle.

Played Battle Ship with Spencer. He won. Not fair cause I always win.
Finished all my homework EXCEPT Thomas Mann reading. Will do that tomorrow morning when I get on campus. 
No homework at home is our rule this semester. We stay on campus until all is done. Our home is clean which makes it a place we look forward to. I love our small home.
We went to the church to shovel the walk and so I could practice on the piano. I’ve been practicing for a full week now and it makes me happy to be good enough to catch on fast. I forgot how wonderful it feels to push every note correctly, to turn around and say “I did it!” Next year I’d love to buy a guitar and start some lessons. That would make me happy. I think I’ll save up and do it.
I have one white sweater that I love. I feel really cute in it and wear it for as many days possible. 
I love my dark hair.
Another running day with Amber tomorrow. I ran those three miles like I could run forever. But today I’ve been hurting… Real bad.
Spencer is the sweetest man.
We come home exhausted. 
Tomorrow I will ignore feelings of shame. I didn’t feel that today and I think it’s because my professor is simply a nice, polite man and although we don’t know all of the answers, he doesn’t write us off. I trust him and I trust the other students because of the behavior he brings into the classroom. Hopefully things will be fine. I’m not going to think about it anymore.
Tomorrow night will be fun. I won’t tell you now, but you’ll just have to see.
Sleep well.