The A family and I drove to the Uinta mountains the morning of New Years Eve. So much fun. It felt good to go out and take pictures. I got lucky in Kiel to be able to go out each day and take pictures.

At nighttime Spencer and I went back home and watched Star Trek Into Darkness and drank sparkling cider at 11:30. 
On New Years Day I applied for right different jobs. I got an interview in the first store I walked in. Yes, I’m proud of myself.
And on Jan 2nd I got a job! Yipp! And I get paid partly on commission. I’m scared a little bit. But I’ve got this. I’ve got this.
School starts on Monday and I’m loathing it. I’ve never hated going back to school this much. This year I’ll be taking classes spring, summer, and fall so I can graduate on time in the spring. And that all just sounds awful. Anyway, I’m keeping my spirit up by reading my scriptures with a scripture journal that I can draw in (inspired by Mom). 
Happy, happy new year.