I have no school and no work today. A perfect Friday!

I will get through all of my homework so when Spence comes home we can go chill at Barnes and Noble and sugarhouse and celebrate surviving our first week back in school.

Yesterday was an awful day.

Actually, I don’t think that’s true. I think small unhappy things were building up all week and it just exploded when, after my first day of work, I went into the City Creek Parking lot, turned my car on, and realized I didn’t have my wallet… I was stuck in the mall parking lot.

Thanks to Ricky, Spence got a ride to the mall and came to save me where he found me sitting on a bench near the stream in the mall playing Bejeweled on my phone. Trying not to cry.

I demanded a Big Mac.

Today I am better. So I’ll tell you the good things about my week:

1) we read scriptures every night. we prayed every night. i did personal reading.
2) i went running with amber every other day. so this week i ran nine miles. i think i could run five miles… i think i could. but for now, three miles every other day feels real good in the ice cold early morning.
3) spence and i finished all of our homework on campus. we came home to a clean house. magnificent.
4) i saw the margetts, saher, and jack. they had us over for dinner. lots of laughter and yummy food, just like the margetts always are.
5) i survived a first day of work.
6) we have been on top of making lunches.
7) i LOVE the book i am reading for one of my German classes, the one with my favorite professor. it’s Goethe’s The Sufferings of a Youth Werther and ho.ly.crap. i am in love. have any of you guys, blogger readers, read it? comment! tell me what you think! loving it.
8) spencer and i got a new calling. i can’t tell you what it is until it’s announced on sunday, but it deals with serving people who are in fragile stages of life. spencer has a way of connecting with people who need help and love and support. i am amazed by him and i think this calling will be wonderful for us.
9) i got a cute text from my neighbor Allie right before going into work that said, “Just wanted to say you are awesome!” like, right when i needed a boost, my neighbor texted me. it was cool.
10) i’m texting ana this morning and that makes me happy.