I can’t believe I didn’t write yesterday. I have been on a 2014 role. So bummed!

It’s 6:30 and I’m considering whether I should hop in the shower or if lie in my sweat and go back to bed. Running was hard today. Amber and I were dying.

“Maybe it was the brownies I ate,” I said.

“Maybe it was the cake batter ice cream I had with chocolate and caramel from Coldstone’s,” she said.

Either way, it was hard.

After my run on Wednesday Spence and I were ready to go to campus at 8pm. But then I sat on Spencer just to close my eyes for a minute and that turned into lying down on the green couch, grabbing Grandma’s quilt and sleeping for another hour and a half. It was marvelous.

Today I have to finish my research paper from last semester. I mean, it’s done. I don’t have to write anything more. I just have to do the in-text citing and I hate that. And it’s in APA format, not MLA. I have to turn it in by 4pm. Pray for me. 🙂

Hopefully someone comes to fix up the mold today. It’s gotten out of our control. These apartments are always full of surprises.

Sherlock is on soon. I’m so excited. Maybe it’s already out. I’ll have to check. But I think Sherlock is the best thing on TV right now. So clever, so awesome, so funny. Thanks to Greg for showing us in Berlin.

What else can I tell you…

I ran into my cousin Rian on campus yesterday. I jumped when I saw her. She told me about her job promotion that pays for all of her housing on campus. How awesome is that? I’m so excited for her. What an awesome experience.

Okay I just got the shivers so I better get ready for the day.