My mom is kind of an awesome person and showed some awesome audiobooks: 
“Men, Women, and Worthiness” by Bene Brown. It’s not religious. It is life-changing. It’s all about shame and how I am (or you are) worthy of love and belonging. And that I am (you are) enough. Everyone needs to read this because it not only teaches you about yourself but the other women and men in your life. I’m being serious, go and listen it now. If you’ve never used before, you can listen to it for free for your first book.

“The Meaning of Marriage” written by Timothy Keller, a presbyterian. It’s about marriage through the words of the bible and it’s AWESOME. I’m listening to it right now. He made a wonderful point that the gospel puts us in the most vulnerable state, teaching us that we are imperfect and flawed, yet at the same time the gospel puts us in a state where we feel more loved than ever before. Marriage is a reflection of the gospel. We learn our imperfections, our flaws, and are completely vulnerable, yet we are the most loved than with anyone else. I love that. It has so much more and it’s beautiful. Read it.
Instagram is my friend too:
 I’m following these guys so I can read the Book of Mormon in 365 days. Spence and I are doing it for our family scripture reading, and I’ve started over in the Book of Mormon cause I got stuck in Alma. I’m doing an art journal with it too. 
Mom is on instagram which means I look at happy and creative things every day. 
Texting girlfriends like Ana, Heidi, Lissa, Megan, and Sara. I love these girls. Text me. It makes me happy.
Sacrament Talks like Dad’s that I’m about to read now. The title is called, “Anne used to think the world was flat.” Ha! It must have been his first sentence in the talk. He is an amazing and good person. 
“These is my Words” is a book that Gayla gave me to read and I’m loving it too. It’s placed in the time of 1881-1901. A diary of a girl walking through Arizona and New Mexico territory with her family. It’s just weird to be reading it. I keep thinking like, “Whoa, I’ve never even though of that.” Love reading through this journey.
Art Gallery. So happy this darn wall is finished.

Okay friends. Muah.


  1. Good energy is good. Your blog is swimming in it.

    FYI, These Is My Words is easily in my top five favorite books. I felt the need to climb out of my non-commenting-on-blogs shell just to tell you that.

  2. Hello Sarah! Is it really? I’d like to know your top five favorite books. Tell me tell me.

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