We had dinner with neighbors who live three doors down from us. We have been missing out on a wonderful couple. I was laughing my butt off the whole time. Just good ol’ laughing. And it was so easy to talk to them. We were yelling over each other trying to blab out the next story we could all laugh at. Hahaha. So fun.

Our home teachers came over this morning. John and John. I love both of these Johns. John L told us he spent all night making an igloo because he and his wife wanted to stay away from technology on their Saturday.

“It ended up just being me out there making an igloo,” he said.

His year-old Mila got grumpy, so his wife Claire had to take her inside. But John was determined to finish the igloo. “I was out there til’ 11 finishing that igloo. And I’d get so close to finishing it and think, man I’m tired and cold, but then I had gone so far and… I just had to finish it.”

Apparently some neighbors saw him working hard and came out to help him with the end. The story cracked me up. We have yet to see the igloo. Hopefully it will still be there tomorrow. I’m sure it will be.

Then a guy named Nate and his wife Rachel came over for a little bit just to let us know what the ward project is. Nate was hilarious too and we were loving Rachel’s reactions. We are so lucky to live in this ward. Like, so freaking lucky.

Now I can tell you what our callings are. During the week, we’ll be going to primary children’s hospital and telling the children who are LDS where and what time church meetings will be held and ask them if they need anything from us. This is a special calling in our stake since we are so close to primary children’s. I think this will be a wonderful calling for us. Like I said, Spencer knows how to talk to children. He knows how to get them excited and when I think about doing this with Spencer I just start tearing up. This is a beautiful calling and I can’t wait to meet those awesome kids who are having a crummy time and hope to cheer their spirits.

I’m not ready for school tomorrow. I did so darn good with homework last week but on Friday, because I didn’t have any classes, I didn’t go on campus to finish my Monday and Tuesday work. Now I’m going to be cramming it in tomorrow morning.

I’m starting to feel close with my neighbors. It only took us a year and a half.