Every piece of literature I am reading right now deals with gender flips, incest, erotics, and homosexuality. Oh goody! Why do German authors love these tropes so much? Readings: The Sufferings of Young Werther by Goethe, Der Kleine Herr Friedemann by Thomas Mann, and (not German, but still) The Epic of Gilgamesh. If I scream out SEX in any of my classes, I’ll have a 70% chance of being correct.

One of the men in my class who is in his sixties said yesterday, “This lady [in the text] would make a good one-night stand!” Thank you, sir, for that insightful comment.
My favorite professor said in his class, “This is 50 Shades of Young Werther!” 
And to top all of that I watched The Bachelor with a bunch of girls last night. AND I HATED IT. I couldn’t even, like, laugh about it. I was disgusted. Like what effed up world do we live in for it to be okay to get on TV and pose for a nude photoshoot to help a dog get a home? I can think of a million other ways to help dogs find homes without feeling pressured to get nakey on the telly. And what made me the most angry was that the girl was so uncomfortable, so she goes to talk to the Bachelor, Juan, and he says, “Don’t worry, I’m doing it with you. And it’s for a good cause.” Yeah, he’s a winner. $%#@.
And what the freak is the difference between that and polygamy? If we’re gonna make a hullabaloo about marrying more than one woman than why is it freaking socially okay for a man to date a million girls in bikinis and make out with all of them? Huh? HUH? Disgusting!

I will admit right now that I get sucked in. Badly. I’ve only watched one whole season before this, and it is addicting. But after last night it just flipped this total anger in me about our freaked out society.

Enough of that.
I’m listening to Tegan and Sara’s new album which makes me so happy. Two of my favorites are “How Come You Don’t Want Me” and “Closer.” I dance around the kitchen when I listen.
I spread some Nutella on top of a piece of bread and walked over to the couch to eat it. Spencer leaned over and took the biggest bite–more than half of the piece of bread. I screamed and growled at the same time and my immediate response was shoving it in his face. He said what sounded like “NOO!” in Portuguese as his mouth was full of thick Nutella and bread. I laughed and walked back to the kitchen, growling, to make myself another piece.

Five minutes later, Spencer said, “I keep rubbing Nutella off my cheek. Is there any left on my face?”

I looked over and there was a gigantic glob of Nutella on his chin. He looked at me so seriously. With that big glob. I burst out laughing.

Sleep well.

Actually, I’m not done. I have to think of a post title. How about: “Incest, erotics, and Nutella” Pfffff hahahahha. Or “Juan’s yearning for polygamy.” Or “50 Shades of Anne.” …That doesn’t make any sense hahaha. “Nudes and dogs.” “Nakey on the telly.”

I’m having too much fun. Shoot, now I don’t know what to do at all. Now you’re gonna be looking at the title, like “Why’d she pick that one?”

How ’bout you come up with your own title.



  1. Sorrows of the Young Anne.

    Have you gotten to the end of Werther yet?

  2. Jenn

    I love that album too!!

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