Happy Saturday!

What did you guys do? Huh? Huh?

Well. Spence and I woke up around 10, which is pretty normal for us on a Saturday, I guess. It feels good to not have to worry about anything on Saturdays–to see bits of sunlight peeking through your eyelids as you wake up and not care that others are scurrying about on errands. Working at Zupas, however, made it difficult to enjoy the Saturday mornings. There were no Saturday mornings. I woke up early, got to work early, and came home in enough time to see the sun set behind the mountains.

I did go into work today, but there was a miscommunication about my hours and naja. It bugged me but that’s life. Money is pretty tight right now so I’m feeling real anxious to get into a regular work schedule.

We went to Trio with my mom and dad last night. I love Trio, I love that Trio is only five minutes away from us, and I love my mom and dad. So it was lovely.

We got invited to have dinner at some neighbor’s apartment tomorrow night. They saw us in the parking lot last night and the wife said, “So, my husband thinks you’re the cool kid on the block, Spencer,” and she invited us over. I am loving time with my apartment peeps.

Tomorrow is church and I’m excited because church last week was amazing. Trying not to expect anything, because like all wards it can go from completely spiritual to, oh my gosh they did not just say that oh my gosh. 

I’m also excited to start the new week. Fresssshh. Fresh. Breathe, breathe.

Spencer slipped twice this week and both times it did something funky to his neck.

I love my grandma’s quilt she made me. It has popcorn on it, cupcakes, polkadots, watermelon–all of these fun little things that come together to make this beautiful quilt that completely matches our living room. I love cuddling in it. I love it because she had me in mind and out of it came popcorn, cupcakes, and polka dots. I love that.

I’m writing lately just to write. I’ve slacked on writing this story I want to write so badly and now I don’t know where to make time for it. I couldn’t write some things in Kiel because I needed to find journal entries and lost pieces of letters and notes, so I really should get back into it now. I guess in the evenings. I could take a half hour each day to write in the evenings. Maybe I’ll do that. Yes. I’ll do that.

After our dinner with my mom and dad last night, Spence and I went to Barnes and Noble–our regular date night location. We sat on the bench next to the travel books. I read 50 pages of The Glass Castle which I’ve been wanting to read for years and Spence read half of a book on Mongolia. I didn’t buy the book. I’ll just pick it up next Friday and read another 50 pages.

What else can I tell you about my life right now? Well–I keep getting in a dark place. It’s normal for January and I’m aware of what I’m feeling. But it still doesn’t make it easy. Even though we’re in this awesome schedule and I’m running and that makes me feel so powerful and good, my mind keeps swinging from happiness to complete sadness and feelings of failure. And it doesn’t come in this way where I stick it in the back of my head and keep going or FIX what is making me feel so awful, it absorbs my thoughts and my actions and I don’t do anything about it, I just sit on this stupid green leather couch thinking how useless I am. It’s bad right now. But hey. Next week is fresh.

And God loves me. I had one of the most beautiful experiences this week and afterward I knew very well that God loved me. It hit me hard and unexpected and with the boom of the spirit.

(Jeez, how can I have such a wonderful moment like that and still be in the dumps? The crap?)

It’s time to go to bed. Goodnight.


  1. Bless bless, Anne.

  2. Love you Anne!!!

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