Hi guys!

Yesterday I got called in to work which made me so happy. Right now I’m getting barely any hours so it felt good to get a week day in. Also, it was my first day feeling like “I can sell! I’m gonna sell!” So that was awesome. I dreamt about leather boots all night.

This morning Amber and I went on a run. We ran Monday, skipped Monday, and ran again today. It was brutal. And it was still only three miles. Bleckk. Also it was so cold. Since we run at 5:30 in the morning, I wear black running pants, my yellow hoodie, a green and white knitted hat, and white gloves. It was cold today.

I got home and plopped into bed all sweaty and gross, but I didn’t care. I kept waking up at 3am, 4am, waiting for it be 5 in the morning. So I went back to sleep.

I kept dreaming that I was telling Spencer all of these stories and I’d wake up and he’d be in the bathroom and I’d realize that I had been having a conversation with myself in my head. So I tried telling him the stories out loud and realized all the stories I was going to tell him in my head were all made up.

“I have a funny story,” I grumbled in bed.
“You do? Tell me about it,” Spencer said.
“You know our neighbor Taylor? He ran away from me in the…”
“He ran away from you where?”
“Never mind. I dreamt it.”

Our house is full of mold. We clean it and then it comes back in two days. So the maintenance guys are working on it today. I’m excited to go home and have a mold-free house.

Did I tell you what happened with my clothes when I got back from Germany? Well. Spencer doesn’t like the pillows or the quilt on our bed. So while I was gone, he shoved it all into my closet and used the blanket he used for his old bed instead. So when I got home, my closet was shoved full of stuff. Guess what? IT WAS ALL WET. ALL OF MY CLOTHES. Because there isn’t any air circulation in the closet, there was a ton of condensation from the cinderblock in my closet and it got everything wet. One of my high heel leather boots were smothered in mold. Grr! I called the maintenance people and they were like “Unfortunately we can’t do anything about it…” POOP.

I’m rambling because I’m at the library forcing myself to finish this prompt for my class and do a couple of quizzes online, but blogging is so much more fun.

So now I’m going to talk about my brother, Harrison. He is going to Merida, Mexico in the spring with a program that helps children who are suffering from homelessness or abuse. The program isn’t free and my brother is trying to make $1300 for the program costs. Isn’t he awesome?! I love that he is doing the fundraising himself. Anyway, he’s made $260 and you would be my favorite person in the world if you donated even $5 for him.

Click the picture to donate. 🙂


Okay, I think I am officially done blogging. Later I’m gonna run over to Heidi’s and look at her clothes before she sends them to DI. And then Spencer and I will do the dishes later when we get home and maybe go to Barnes and Noble. I want to finish my book. Also I think I’m going to write today. I got to get back to writing. At least one page. I’ve got this.