I’m having a hard time concentrating.

It’s 10am and I’m at the computer lab at the library trying to focus. I just barely finished my homework for Language 2010 which is kind of an “Intro to Linguistics” course. It’s a required class. Anyway, it ended up being a lot more homework than usual and now I have to finish reading Tonio Kröger by Thomas Mann. I’m looking at the words and they don’t look like words. They look like a bunch of üüü’s and sicht’s and lich’s and utz’s. Do I know this language?

Yesterday was Mom’s birthday celebration. Dad invited Mom’s whole family (the ones who are in Utah) and Grandma and Grandpa P. It was such a fun night. I loved talking with Cassidy and Lindsay and Pam. I loved hearing my mom laugh. The cake was delicious. The sweet pork was delicious. Annika looks bigger every time I see her. Spencer and Maxwell talked for forty-five minutes about how to rule the world. Grandma P teased Kelby about Dash, the Great Dane. I forgot to tell Grandma L how much I love her quilt. Somewhere in there Spencer and Grandma P talked about whether or not Spencer would go on a trip to Mars and never come back. Grandma wanted Spencer to give in and say, “No, I wouldn’t go,” but he didn’t.

“Well, it’s Mars. I mean, think of all the things you could do.”

“WHAT could you do?” Grandma yelled. “After two days you’d think, ‘Oh, I have made an awful mistake.'”

“But it’s Mars.”Spencer says. Grandma huffs and puffs a little bit. Spencer grins. Mom thinks the whole thing is hilarious. I smile and roll my eyes.

Before we left, Mom asked those who were still there what their 10-year plan is.

Grandpa P: In ten years I hope I’m not dead.

Harrison: Mission, undergrad major in Japan, move to Japan to teach English and do a masters or Ph.D there.

Maxwell: In ten years I’ll be home from my mission and I’ll be… in college… studying things.

“And you’ll be super tall and super hot!” Mom chimes in. “And with a total hottie girlfriend and it’ll be pretty serious. Maybe you’ll be married in ten years.”

“He’s not going to be already married,” dad says.

“He’s Mormon, Charles. You think after three years of being done with his mission he won’t be married?”

Mira: I’ll be just getting back from my mission and then I’ll attend Julliard and study music, dance, or theater.

Mom: I’ll be in Hawaii.

Charles: We’ll just be getting back from living in New York for two years. And I’ll be with Mom.

Spencer: In ten years I will have gotten my pilot’s license, and I’ll be living in Alaska.

Anne: Well, we gotta finish our graduate degree. In Northern California, preferably. Then… I’d like to be in Australia or Africa for two years… And then…

“And then Alaska,” Grandma laughs. “You better start writing novels so you have something to do.”

“What about babies?” Mom asks, laughing.

“We don’t want to answer that question!” Spencer says. “That causes too much contention.”

“We’ll have children at the very end of those ten years,” I say. “And we’ll have triplets.”

I cannot for the life of me remember Grandma P’s 10-year plan. All I can think about is that she’s going to Holland in April. And I’m thrilled for her. Grandma, you’ll have to let me know.

What is your ideal 10-year plan?

We got home late and stayed up late and watched the first two episodes of The Office, the British version, which I have never seen. I couldn’t believe how similar Martin Freeman and John Krasinski look. I was dying. But I hate the British Dwight. And Pam is cuter in the American version.

Okay, you guys have distracted me for too long. Back to freaking Tonio Kröger.

Also, I’d like a chocolate donut. With chocolate glaze. With some chocolate sprinkles. And hot chocolate. That’s all. Thanks.


  1. married, finish school, masters, pittsburgh, kids?

  2. I think my ten-year plan is the same as Grandpa’s. I’ve written a short blog on it, that I will post tomorrow.

  3. Love it, Rian! Pittsburgh!

    Looking forward to the post, Grandma.

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