Lots of things are on my mind. I wasn’t good about doing my homework last Thursday and Friday so I’ve left a few things for last minute. They are small things, but still take a bit of time. The one thing that won’t be fun to write last minute is my three-page paper about The Sufferings of Young Werther and although I have so much to write about and it’s only three pages long, it doesn’t sound fun to do. And it’s my favorite professor’s class so I’ll be fretting about it the night before. Either way it will get done.

I’ve noticed a few things during the week–I go to bed with no anxiety. Yes, right now the weekends are killing me due to life, but my mind during the weekdays is calm when I go to bed and I wake up not anxious about the day ahead. I think this is due to reading the scriptures each night with Spence and praying. I’m 85% sure that’s what it is. Also, running is a life saver. I love running. I don’t know how I have been able to get up at 5:30, but it is a serious lifesaver.

The inversion is nasty still, but I am grateful for blue skies. Blue skies in the winter. Oh, what a blessing.

Stanford is on my mind now. I looked up the graduate program for German at Stanford and what I have to do to apply. That’s been fun. I don’t know where Spence and I will end up. And for right now, that’s okay.

Although I am content, this strange darkness keeps coming over me at odd moments when it catches me off guard. It’s winter and I keep telling myself that. But why does it do this? I would love to wear a baggy sweatshirt in the wintertime–no coats, just jeans and big sweatshirts. Never too cold that we can’t sit on the front porch with friends. I’d be okay with that.

I’m remembering summer nights on the front porch with Megan and Ana. And Ky and Ethan. And Curtis and Harrison. And Wes and Erich.

But what is getting me through this winter is running and praying and Sherlock and family. All good things.

Good night.

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