(On the back of my essay)


This is a wonderfully written, clear, and persuasive essay that skillfully explores Werther’s struggles with originality and influence in the context of mid-18th-century “Storm and Stress.” The paper demonstrates an excellent grasp of key concerns of the novel’s literary-historical period. Your reading of the irony of the “how-to” list for “authenticity” in the May 26th letter is especially perceptive! At points, your take on Werther’s “lack of originality” may be a bit too strong–see for example your conclusion, where you note Werther’s “lack of rebellion against the Enlightenment and loss of originality,” as well as the impossibility of originality overall. I might argue instead (in Werther’s case) for the difficulty and slipperiness of the struggle for authenticity and the ambiguity of rebellion. As for “our case”; I’d better not say anything; it would probably be “unoriginal!”

Once again, great work, and a great beginning to writing and analysis in this class.


Yep. Favorite teacher.


  1. Hooray for awesome paper feedback!

  2. I like it when a teacher takes the time to write a note telling you why it’s an A. Congratulations, dearie.

  3. Kablammmm, kablooooie. Way to go, Anne. I mean WAY TO GO!

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