Happy middle of the night. Are any of you guys awake?

I got done with work around 11pm and my feet are killing. I have to buy a pair of shoes from work so I can sell them. I don’t exactly have enough money, even though my discount is awesome. So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to sell plasma. Twice. And then I’ll have enough to buy the shoes. 
Spencer sells plasma every week. I think he’s saving up for an iPad. It scares me a little. I’m a huge wuss when it comes to needles and I always feel soar afterwards. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. 
I’m up late because I’m behind on some things that HAVE to be done this weekend. I’m already going to be doing a little bit of homework tomorrow and I just needed to finish a few things tonight. I’m sad that Spencer has gone to bed without me. I’m also really hungry.
Okay, so our game night with friends was THE most fun night we’ve had in a long time. Oh my gosh, people. They came over at 8 and stayed until 12:30 which was so fun. We played Munchkin, a super fun board game, and afterwards we talked for a long time and just busted a gut. We had eight people in our tiny living room. We bought ice cream and I made brownies before they came over. We had a bowl of wheat thins out with cream cheese and red pepper jelly. It felt so good to laugh and be dorky and have friends. It was the first time Spencer and I got a group of friends together since being married. It rocked. 
That’s the weirdest thing about getting married. You have to find friends that both you and your spouse like. 
I’m so tired and so hungry. Got to go.