A part of our grade for my international relations class is taking part in a world simulation by StateCraft. On the first day of class, all of us took a political test. Based on our answers we were put into groups with other similar politically thinking people as us or whatever. The goal is to not die and have a thriving country. There’s a huge manual and a lot of it doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, we all got together to talk about our country.

“Should we be a democratic, socialist, or communist totalitarian society?”

We all look at each other. Then we all start grinning.

“…Okay. Communist totalitarian it is. Now we need a name.”

Scott speaks up. “How about… suck it.”

“Suck it?”

“Yes, suck it. Spelled S-U-Q-I-T.”

“But when the professor is around, we’ll call it Soo-kit,” someone says.

“Team Suqit it is!”

So we’re team Suqit, the only communist totalitarian in world. We have a large a mount of steel and oil (not coincidentally).

But we’re pretty dumb. We don’t have that great of an education system, so we got to figure that out.

Sometimes required major classes are fun.

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  1. I love this post. I love that you are despots.

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