Happy early Valentines day, friends. Don’t you remember when you were little and Valentines Day was the bomb, whether or not you had a crush or a boyfriend? And you came to school with a box you and your mom spent all night making? And you got lots of candy? Can’t we all be so happy for the holiday of love just like we were when we were little? 
At work I’ve been trying to work on initiating conversations (cause I really suck at it. If you don’t want to talk to me, don’t talk to me. I’m fine with silence) since that’s important in sales. My co-worker, Shay, has been saying a line to everyone that comes in the store: Are you excited for Valentines Day? 
And all of them respond with extreme delight. 
So I’m like, heck yes, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to do the same question. So a woman walks into the store, looking at shoes. I ask the question. Are you excited for Valentines Day? And I ask it with a big smile, just like Shay. 
The woman does not turn to look at me. She immediately shakes her head. Then she storms out of the store. 
Nope! Not asking that one anymore. Never again. No. No. Nope, I’m just going to put shoes away and not talk to anyone. Never again. No. 
So that was a week ago. On Tuesday I sold $1200 worth of shoes. Today I worked a few hours less and sold $900 worth of shoes. I can sell!
Anyway Spencer and I are going to our favorite little place downtown and maybe to a movie. I’m so excited. I have his gift. I want to tell you so badly, but if he reads my blog before I give it to him, it’ll spoil it. 
I did the dishes today, cleaned the main room and folded the laundry. I love our home so much. My main goal for our home is to make it a place of comfort, peace, and joy and it really has turned into that. We had neighbors over for a game night and they said how fun and happy our home is. My home growing up was so welcoming. No matter what kid had the most gadgets at their place, everyone always ended up at our home–the place with no finished basement, no closed rooms with doors, no places to hide away from the parents. Everything was open and welcoming and accepting. I loved that. I loved Curtis coming over at strange hours without knocking. He was our Kramer, and a good one. I loved the neighbor kids asking my dad to play Capture The Flag with them. I loved it when Mom, Dad, Harrison, and my friends all hung out one front porch until late at night going from poop jokes to questions about God and life. I loved that home. I loved the love in that home.
And now I love that Spencer and I get to have our personalities shine throughout the whole house. That friends also feel welcome enough to stay four+ hours (which I love!). That when we’re by ourselves we say good things to each other, that when I ask my neighbors if we’re loud neighbors they say, “We only hear you guys laughing all of the time.”
This week has been strange for so many reasons, but there is still so much good in this world. There’s so much happiness. And I get on Facebook and see lots of my friends who don’t believe in God or are specifically mad at the LDS church and I just hope they’re happy. It’s too exhausting to be mad at things, person, or the institution. There’s so much more to life than being angry at others for being hypocritical. I have a testimony of the church that’s not going anywhere yet I have still spent too much time being angry and saying all week, “Let’s just run to the woods!” And Spencer saying back, “You wouldn’t last a day in the woods.” 
Do you think more people would read my blog if I was more organized in my posts? Unlike this one? Ha!
Goodnight. I’m going to make some tea.


  1. I love that your neighbors hear you laughing all of the time. Happy.

  2. I want to know what your Valentine gift for Spencer was.

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