I’ve been in a doozy mood all week because of last Sunday’s lesson. It’s funny how church can make you feel on top of the world and the next week make you wonder why you associate yourself with such a strange institution. I guess that’s what you get when you believe in a church that focuses so much on the people and their own abilities to choose. We can’t force people to be perfect, or what I think is perfect.

Plus Amber has been sick which means I haven’t been able to get myself out of bed to run.

And I only sold $500 shoes on Friday and $200 yesterday. I need to be in the $900-$1000 range. But I’ll get there.

What else? Oh yeah, and I’m reading Nietzsche and he isn’t exactly a bucket of sunshine. Besides his pessimistic and critical look on life, I’m glad I’m reading him. Most people think of him as the anti-semite that influenced the Nazis, but actually he’s pretty ambiguous and ironic. He’s just teasing us. For one minute he’s talking about the Jewish priests being some of the worst monsters in the world and the next minute he’s talking about the hypocrisy of the catholic church. He really hates the catholic church. But I can see how Hitler would take out a few of this and that out of Nietzsche’s books that pertain to his wishes and ignore the rest. Either way, I just want to smack Nietzsche.

Spencer and I have been watching The Office lately. I just need some good old’ Pam and Jim right now.

Guess what Spencer did yesterday? I got out of working at 10:30p.m., got in the car and there next to me on the seat was a box of six chocolate chocolate Dunford donuts.

“Congratulations on making it through a week of work!” he said. “There’s milk in the thermos.”

Oh, Spencer. You are wonderful.

I’m grateful for Spencer. I’ve been the crabbiest lady on the planet. I don’t mean to be, but it all comes back to just feeling bad about myself, so that needs to stop. It gets old. (That’s easier said than done.)

Have a happy week.

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  1. Your paragraph on Nietsche made Tom and me laugh so hard. Thanks for that!

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