I blog because…

In middle school (when I started this blog), all of my friends had bigger problems than me. My life seemed real easy compared to everyone. When I had a problem, I felt like I couldn’t talk to my friends. So I started blogging my nonsense.

I feel a closer connection to family members.

Honestly, just like any other social media, I like sharing a bit of me to everyone else. Whether it’s bragging, complaining, sharing my love, getting excited–I just want you to know I’m here.

I like the idea of my great great grandchildren reading their sassy grandma online. Yep, I’m sassy.

It helps me when I’m anxious. It clears my head.

It’s my little piece of creativity.

It gives me a space to once in a while get political without feeling like I’m bombarding someone’s news feed.

Maybe not just getting political, but just experimenting. I mean, we change all of the time, my perspective changes, and this is a place where I can just blab it out without having some crazy discussion about it on Facebook. (Facebook is just weird.)

It’s a nice way to procrastinate.

I actually care about my photographs and how good they look when I have the expectation of blogging them. Ha!

I like to see the difference in my writing when I just write in my journal and when I’m think about who might be reading.

Another honest one that will sound full of it–I like the shock factor. I like when people come talk to me about my blog later and say, “I didn’t know this about you.”

I’m scared to say things I think outloud. Sometimes it’s easier to write it down so everyone knows, but I don’t have to like talk about it outloud. Ha.

I blog to keep my sanity.

I’m blabbing because I’m procrastinating, so I’ll be done and go to bed so I can procrastinate in the morning.


  1. Da bekomme ich auch Lust einen Blog zu beginnen 🙂

  2. Petra das sollst du machen! Dein Blog würde ich gerne lesen.

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