Achievements for the week so far:

-Taxes are done.
-Dishes are washed and the kitchen counter is clean.
-I went through most of my corrections on my German paper.
-I made an easy chicken recipe and it stressed me out but I still did it.
-My closet is organized.
-I went through some drawers and threw away old notebooks.
-I created a chart showing how much we’ve earned and spent for each month we’ve been married.
-I created a chart showing how much money per month we spend on food.

Things for my sanity:

-Long showers.
-A cup of tea.
These is My Words.

Happy things:

Megan texted me and said how fun it is to be in an environment where she is the only Mormon. She gets to talk with people who don’t want to attack, but ask questions. I am thrilled for her. She sounds like she is having a wonderful time.

Ana has started her own fashion boutique blog and is beginning to sell the clothing she makes. I’m so proud of her. She’s been wanting to do this for such a long time.


I am watching The Godfather part II in my cultural studies class right now. Once the professor has taken the roll, more than half of the class walks out because the film is rated R. I was astounded how many people walked out. I suddenly felt like a bad Mormon, even though I’ve been REALLY wanting to see The Godfather. I stayed and I didn’t feel too bad after that. (It is a good movie)

Still reading Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse and Mario and The Magician by Thomas Mann.

I am exhausted.


  1. Du hast aber eine riesige Menge in dieser Woche geschafft 🙂 Mario und die Zauberer fand ich schrecklich und habe es nie zu Ende gelesen, ähnlich ging es mir mit dem Steppenwolf… Und seitdem sind fast 30 Jahre vergangen und der Stoff ist nicht unbedingt moderner geworden 🙁

    Was heißt, dass der Film mit R bewertet wurde? Bei uns gibt es nur Altersstufen für Filme.

    Es ist schön, Deinen Blog zu lesen und ein wenig mit Dir verbunden zu bleiben!

  2. If ever there was a movie that could teach us about good and evil it is The Godfather. I’m sad that people feel it necessary to leave the class.

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