I’m blogging again. Third time today, my goodness.

I didn’t take care of myself today. Spencer left for work and I read and forgot to eat. My book is too good. And it just gets better. I have needed a book that gives you everything you want to hear and more, even if you have to get to page 200.

Also I don’t know what to do on my computer since I don’t have Facebook. Isn’t that what you do all day too? Hmm, bored, type “F” in the url box and “FACEBOOK” pops up. I’m having Facebook withdrawals.

Okay, but this is a problem. I really like Facebook for putting all of my news in a big list on my feed. I liked seeing the photo that comes with the headline. I don’t like to have just the app that shows just the headline, I want to see the picture too. So what do I do, boys and girls? I guess I’ll have to actually start going to the specific news websites, unless any of you guys have suggestions.

Spencer’s having “me” time. I’m bored. Back to my book.