Just an add-on to my last post–

My mind will not stop thinking about money and deals and our budget. Before I go to school tomorrow, I’m picking up 25 boxes of Post Cereal cause it’s at a way good deal at Smith’s right now. And that will be all of our breakfast for April. Honey Bunches of Oats.

I have forgotten to do all of my homework, so I’ll be waking up early tomorrow. Spring break is the hardest semester. Bleck bleck.

Oh, and I’ve been playing with the blog with my dad. I caught him at a good time, so we sat on the phone for two hours Saturday night figuring out designs and Blogger’s awful html codes.

We thought the missionaries were coming over today, but they didn’t show up. So we ate the pasta and creamy tomato sauce by ourselves. Can you tell that I’ve been in the kitchen all weekend? It’s been nice. Not that I love cooking, but we’re actually taking care of ourselves. Spencer is usually the one making food for us and I’m grateful for him.

Lots of snuggle time with Spence today.

Six more weeks of school.

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  1. Your obsession with budgeting reminds me of my obsession with vacuuming several months ago. I couldn’t stop writing about it.

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