Yesterday I said goodbye to my fellow Steve Madden girls as I will be in the full swing of things at my new job next week. It was a long last day (a full eight hour shift), but the best part was seeing Sue.

On my first day of selling, a skinny, older woman with white hair and purple glasses came into the store. She had a sassy bob with bangs and wore a black and white geometric blazer. I noticed quickly that she was looking for a particular boot as she touched all of the tall boots with that “scrunch.” For an hour we had our own fashion show as I picked out new boots for her to try on and said, “What about this one?” and “How do you like the buckle on this one?” She tried on boot after boot, but we both knew the one she liked the most. She just needed to make up her mind that she was going to buy it. 
“You just keep coming back to this one, Sue,” I said. 
“I know, I love it. But…”
“What are your hesitations?”
“I mean, I’m old. Do you think I can pull this off?”
“Are you kidding me? The point is, they look good on you. You’ve talked the most about them. I think you’ll wear them with everything.”
She loved the two colors, the light grey, the buckle that comes off, the scrunch. And finally she bought them and we both squealed like little girls because she was so excited to wear them and they really did look good on her. 
She hugged me after leaving the store and said she’d be back. I always hoped I would see her again. And walah! Three months later, on my last day, she came in. 
“Sue!” I said, running up to her. “Are you still loving your boots?”
“I love them, I love them, I love them,” she said. “And I cannot believe you remember my name.”
“We had way too much fun last time,” I said. And we both laughed, remembering the hour long fashion show. 
And on that note.