My grades aren’t where they should be.

In my German classes they are at As and they’re not going anywhere. 
But my intro to language courses are no good, and my international relations course may end at a B. 
I don’t know, should I get this stupid international relations major if I’m just going to get Bs? 
I’d like to take a few more creative writing courses too. 
I keep doing all of my homework last minute and I forgot to do my stupid memo for my group work, which means we may get docked points for that. Like I’m that annoying person in the group who doesn’t do anything. Okay, I messed up once, but ger. I’m just not on the ball. 
I’m exhausted too! I’m just tired all of the time. 
Here’s a happy thing though, thanks to Mom

Purple smoothie:
1/2 cup of oats
greek yoghurt (I get vanilla flavored)
almond milk
1 cup of blueberries
mix mix mix. yum yum yum. 
But our house is clean! It’s Tuesday and it’s still clean! We’re doing a load of laundry each day so it doesn’t explode and our bed is made. And my closet door can close. Amazing! Things are better when you have a clean house. 
We are so busy. We’re just busy. It’s normal. I don’t remember when we weren’t busy, but goodness. 
I said goodbye to Megan yesterday. We went to Zupas and chat chat chatted and laughed and talked about a boy and had a wonderful time. She’s going on a golf internship for a month in Georgia and will travel around the country. It’s a big deal and she’s been wanting to do it forever. 
I have the biggest zit on my face. It feels like a cyst. It feels like someone stuck a little bouncy ball on the side of my chin and my skin absorbed it. 
I got to get ready and wake Spencer up, who is sleeping next to me on top of the covers but under his Star Wars blanket. He thinks if he doesn’t sleep under the covers, he doesn’t have to make his side of the bed. He’s kind of funny.