I just finished my midterm. Okay, it was pretty easy. I think I’ll be okay. I’ve been freaking out about this class, but I think I did okay and it’s all good. 

My next midterm is at 3pm. I’m too tired to worry about it. It’s on all of the texts that we’ve read from Thomas Mann: Der Kleine Herr Friedemann, Das Eisenbahunglück, Tonio Kröger, Tristan, Buddenbrooks, and Der Tod in Venedig. I’m sure it will be a lot of writing in German. 
After that Spencer and I are going to Gayla’s so I can play with my new sewing machine. Did I tell you already? I got a sewing machine from Gayla and Lloyd. I’m so excited. I really don’t know how to work a sewing machine… at all. I have a bunch of things that I’ve been wanting to fix, but never knew how. So I’ll be bringing a bag over and whatever we’ll end up working on, it’s just going to be loads of fun.
Yesterday Amber and I went shopping at City Creek. I’m so excited about Amber’s new clothes, maybe a little more excited than mine. I got a dark blue chambray shirt. I’ve been pinning all these girls with them on Pinterest, so I’m happy to have one. And I got earrings from Forever. But Amber got the jackpot. She got an awesome long sleeve grey shirt with black hearts on it from H&M, a long sleeve black and white geometric shape shirt, a thin, short sleeve shirt with giant orange and coral flower prints, and a rad gold and bright coral necklace from Forever. She also got Toms at Famous Footwear. It was super fun to be at City Creek to actually shop and not to go to work. And Amber is just a fun person. 
If you’d like to know, our house is still clean. I got home late and did the dishes and put another load of laundry in. And I’m watering my flowers. And I come into the house and make sure all of the closet and cupboard doors are closed. I don’t know what our problem is, but we can’t close doors. Is it silly to get so excited about a clean house? Nah. I used to tell you every time I cleaned my room, so it’s all good. 
Amber and I didn’t go running this morning. I don’t know why, but it’s getting harder and harder to wake up. Why is that happening? Shouldn’t it be easier? Spence and I will go running together tonight. I feel pretty darn fit. That was one of my new year goals, so hey hey, friends. Look at me! 
So I know I sound like a brat when I say this, but this summer will be the first time I have to take classes and work and boooo I’m so not excited. It’s officially the first time I have to go to school in the summer. Not fun at all. Whatever, things are always better in the summer. Remember how wonderful Salt Lake was last year? Farmer’s markets, art festivals, Lake Powell trips–I think I’ll be okay. 
And I’m going to Salt Lake Community College over the summer to finish off some gen ed credits. The classes I’m taking will be super fun. Spence will go to SLCC too. We have to figure out the car situation, because we’ll be on two separate campuses so it’s going to be a little tricky. Maybe I can save up for a bike so I can ride over to campus from the trax station. (I want a bike so badly!)
I don’t want to finish blogging. The next class is the most boring class EVER.