On Sunday we celebrated Spencer’s birthday at Lloyd and Gayla’s. It was the typical family dinner for Spencer: ribs, baked beans, Doritos, potatoes, and carrot cake. When it comes to food on his birthday, he is one spoiled boy. Gayla did a great job and we all had a wonderful time.

Crazy socks are so in. Lloyd said, “I’m telling you, the 70s are back.”

Without Spencer here, I’m not sure if I can tell you what these are. They are pans for rocks. That’s as far as my intelligence goes on this topic. Grandma Joan gave Spencer these pans that were his grandpa’s. They were both geology nerds. I love the stories of Spencer and his grandpa looking at rocks together and his grandpa telling him about the different kinds. 

 Louis L’amour books and Geology in Utah books.

Spencer got a drill and this work out thing from his parents. Once we put it together, we all tried it out. It’s kind of embarrassing, but Spencer and I are still sore from doing the couple five or six… I myself am excited about this gift. And the drill rocks. Spencer got the jackpot this year.

Before cake, Joan and I played Chinese Checkers. I have forgotten the moves my grandpa Tom taught me when I was little, and Joan had herself set up from the beginning to win. She beat me. By four moves.

Happy Birthday, Mister Spencer. Twenty-five! Now you officially need two packs of candles to put the correct amount on your birthday cake.

Kevin, Katie, Joan, me, Spencer. 

 The next day we woke up around nine and opened presents from me. A crazy orange Hex Bug, an Irish Cooking Bible… (every time we go to Barnes & Noble, he’s looking at recipes from Irish cookbooks…)

Maps of the gems and gold in Utah (That we are totally going to hang up in our house)


And a Star Wars Starfighter. He finished it in an hour and a half. Now it’s hanging out with the other starships on the coffee table.
Other festivities on Spencer’s birthday:
We went to D.I. 
We went to Bird World to get water for the fish tank. 
We hung out at home. Spencer put his starship together while I cleaned the living room and kitchen.
We drove to Ruth’s Diner. We got a grilled artichoke for an appetizer. Spencer ordered the broiled salmon and I got the chicken fried steak. It was a fun place to be on Spence’s birthday. 
We drove up Immigration Canyon. And back down.
We hung out at Barnes & Noble. I wanted to get a million books and sit at home and nuzzle in my blanket and read. 
We drove home and watched Return of the Jedi, which has always been my favorite.
Happy Spencer day. Now for a whole week of spring break. Hooray!
P.S. I’ve gotten off Facebook, so I won’t be updating my Facebook page for a while. Who knows how long I’ll last. I’ve just been getting angry every time I get on it, so I’m saving my sanity. 


  1. Hooray for fabulous Spencer!

  2. This is what I call a colossal birthday. People like to give him presents, because he reacts so happy when he’s opening them. Way to go, Spencer!

  3. He is the happiest present taker ever. He deserves it.

  4. Mein Bruder liebt es auch, diese Legoteile zu bauen, am besten noch mit Motoren und vielen beweglichen Teilen… Ich kann Spencers Freude gut verstehen 🙂

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