I woke up and saw my flowers dying. I have forgotten to water them for a couple of days. They looked nourished and tall and confident just the other day and now they are drooping and sickly. I gave them lots of water and put them near the door where lots of light comes in. If they are already drooping, can I bring them back to life?

I don’t know why I get so emotional, but when it comes to plants I feel really sad when I see them die. I had the responsibility to take care of them and now this living beauty is dying because of me. And all I had to do was water them and put them in a safe place.

When Spencer left for work yesterday, I organized our cleaning supply closet. I hammered a nail into the side where I could hang the broom. I found a bin to put Spencer’s tank stuff. I found another bin for all of the cleaning supplies. It looks marvelous. One can actually breathe now when they open that closet door.

I spent all of yesterday unshowered and wearing my purple dragon boat race Schleswig-Holstein T-Shirt. After the closet was organized, I moved to the bins in the bathroom. Goodness, we have a lot of stuff. I took out plastic bags because we can’t afford to get organizational bins or anything like that. When we first got married, Gayla gave us a bunch of hotel small-size shampoos and conditioners that have been a life saver when it comes to traveling and running out of soap when we shouldn’t buy anything more for the week. So on my bags I wrote, “shampoo” “conditioner” “soap” “shower gel” “TEETH” “NAIL” “razor stuff” and so forth. Then I went through them medications: “UTI” “allergy” “cold” “anxiety” “pain” and so forth. I know you care so much about all of this.

Spencer came home in the middle of my bathroom project. He warmed up leftover baked beans and ribs. I took a 10-minute break and then back to work in the bathroom. Spencer cleaned the bedroom.

A couple hours later the bathroom was completely cleaned. I can’t tell you enough how dirty that bathroom still looks when it is cleaner than clean. Off pink tiles with off yellow walls never looks good. Ever.

Then the front entry way closet. So much dirt on the floor. I accidentally threw away part of Spencer’s shoe–the insole apparently comes out. I said lets dig for it, it’s either in this garbage bag or this garbage bag. No, he said. They’re already gone. I said why not! and he said, no, it’s okay. He’s in serious need of some everyday shoes.

Spencer put away the clean laundry and hung up the wet laundry wherever we could find space. He washed the dishes too.

Our last project of the day was going through all of those papers in our hallway on the built-in desk. Thankfully that didn’t take as long as I thought.

After that we sat down and watched a movie on my computer. I got out the hot glue gun, pliers, and grabbed my bag of pins from my purple hippie bag. I snapped all of the pins off it and glued magnets onto them. I threw away the pins I didn’t like anymore. Here’s my project and I’m proud of it:

Also we bought a map over the weekend and hung it up. I’m still deciding whether or not I like it and if I do like it, if we should put pins in the places we’ve gone. What do you think? The problem is that it doesn’t fit the wall completely and it has to go over to the side. And there’s already a lot of light blue on the wall anyway. And I don’t know if I like that white space between the shelf and the top of the map. What do you think, really?

Today the missionaries will come over at 6 and I’m hoping they don’t stay long so we can run over to my parents and say goodbye to Harrison tonight. If not, we’ll go Friday. I’m so excited for Harrison to be in Mexico for a month. He’s going to rock it.

I read These is my Words until 4 in the morning. Remember when I was reading it before the semester started? Yeah, I didn’t keep reading. Now it’s spring break and I can read all I want. I’m halfway through it. I read my book under the covers with my reading light and giggled and cursed and tried not to wake Spencer up. I couldn’t wait to wake up and tell him everything that had happened. It’s better than gossip.


  1. That purse brings me a lot of good memories 🙂

    Dude, I was gonna message you, but BANG! you are not on facebook… what’s you email?

  2. Hey I just sent you a message on WhatsApp.

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