Look what I found! I didn’t take the pins off the hippy bag. I found the pins in a bag so I used those. Look how much more I have! I have completely forgotten. Now I don’t want to take them off… Now I just want this to be put in a box for my grandchildren to see… But that’s silly, right? I have a picture. I have loved the bag enough. I’ll turn them into magnets and we can actually enjoy them. Right? Right? Sniff.
(See previous post if none of this makes sense)


  1. HAHA Learn to tie your on damn scarf. Does this refer to what I think this refers to?

  2. If I have told you the story, then yes, Rian. Hahaha. Spencer gave that to me for Christmas.

  3. Anne, use the bag as decor. Buy a terrific hook and display it. I love this bag.

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