Saturday– Spencer left the house at 6am to clean carpets for eight hours. It’s his new weekend job. I woke up at 9:55 and turned the TV on. I turned up the volume so I could do the dishes while listening. A few of my no-bake cookies were still left, so I ate them for breakfast. With a cup of milk.

At noon the session ended and I got on to look at grocery sales and made a shopping list. Spence got home. We ran to the store.

We had Amber and Nathan over for the second session. We ate chips with onion dip. We talked more about our trip idea. They asked us if we’d like to go on a trip with them next summer and of course we want to go on a trip! More details to come once everything is finalized.

After conference Spencer got in his suit and waited for Kevin and Lloyd to pick him up for Priesthood session. He left and I waited for Mom and Mira to pick me up for a mommy-daughter date. I watched the first talk of Priesthood Session before Mom called to say she was here. I thought Dallin H. Oaks had some good things to say about women and where they stand in the priesthood and I was grateful for him being direct. I am grateful that he said that men are not the priesthood, they hold the priesthood. There were many good things, but I still felt a pit in my stomach and some dissatisfaction. I will pray about it long and hard tonight.

Mom, Mira and I went to the Dodo, which was a perfect place to be. Apparently every other woman in the valley wanted to be at the Dodo. It was a 45-minute wait, but we just chatted. The food was yummy, Mira was funny, the mousse cake was scrumptious, and we didn’t want to stop talking.

I got home and ten minutes later Spencer got home. We asked each other about our night and went to sleep.

Sunday– I got out of bed at 9:58 to turn the TV on. We put on clothes and sat on the couch. I don’t remember anything. We ate cereal. When a talk got boring I told Spencer something the girls and I talked about the night before.

Somewhere in the first or second session Spencer followed a tutorial on Pinterest and braided my hair.

After the second session we drove to Lloyd and Gayla’s and had dinner. We saw Kevin for twenty minutes before he drove back to Provo. Katie said she had a great time in San Francisco for choir. I told Gayla my favorite boy names since I have a list of them on my phone. (I’m not pregnant, I promise). We talked about girl names. Gayla likes Sarah. Lloyd likes Beth. I like Jane. Spencer, being himself, would not tell us his favorite girl names.

Talk talk talk.

This week has more blessings coming up. We have applied for something and we’re praying to get it. Interviews are on Thursday. I also received a money prize from the German department. I don’t know how much it is, but money is always exciting. Good good things.

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  1. We love the name Jane đŸ™‚ and we would consider ourselves lucky to welcome another Jane into the family if you are blessed with a little girl!

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