I honestly don’t know how I can do that to myself anymore. That just hurt too much. I waited until the last day again to write my essay and ohh how stupid that was. The night before Spencer and I were filling out applications until 2:30, so I was already too dead to stay up all night. I am so lucky to have Grandpa around when it comes to writing essays about German literature. I was saved.

We had a week of sun and now it’s back to gloom. Cold, cold rain.
The crockpot is cooking our next freezer meal: BBQ Spareribs. I didn’t know you could put ribs in the crockpot. It smells delicious. 
On Sunday we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We haven’t been together since Christmas and I was thrilled to see my little cousins. I got lots of Sally’s attention (well, my iPhone did). She sat on my lap and looked at pictures on my camera and pointed to the right people when I said, “Where’s Charles? Where’s Grandpa?” Across the room she stared at Spencer. He stared back at her and moved his eyebrows up and down. With no emotion, she moved her eyebrows up and down back at him. We all burst out laughing. She gave us a smile then.
Rian’s birthday was celebrated with pizza, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, and Sarah’s yummy bundt cake. Rian is 20, in love with a missionary, the president of Residence Hall Association at the U, and working at an old folk’s home where she gets hit on. For her 20th year she will travel with her friends to England, Scottland(?), and Ireland, see her missionary, will go home to Pittsburgh for the whole summer, and will go to San Diego for a family reunion. Sounds like a blast of a time. I adore Rian.

 Spencer had a mustache for a day. For Mustache March he grew out his beard and for the last day he shaved the beard. He looks like a pedophile. The Elders Quorum did the competition.

Here’s the picture with the rest of the gang.
Lots of arm wrestles when we get together (as of Christmas 2013).

I love seeing my family, especially my little cousins. I got lucky on Sunday. I even got to hold a baby all through sunday school, who laughed at me and sat on my lap and played with Spencer’s keys. She poked my nose and tried to eat it. Everyone is pregnant in my ward right now (not me) and it’s so fun to listen to conversations about what people worry about. Things like, “I don’t know if I can handle it if my first baby is a boy. I think I’ll have a panic attack.” Baby talk, baby talk. 


  1. Thanks for posting all these delicious pics. Sunday night was fun!

  2. I love the photos, and I love helping you, Anne.

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