I kept waking myself up last night because I was whimpering and whining and “ergg!”ing. Around 1:30 I woke up totally pissed because my body was itchy. A few strands of hair would slide across my forehead and I’d freak out and start kicking and calm down until the next itchy spot on my leg would come up and it’d happen all over again. Spencer was irritated. “Go take a shower!” he’d say and I would yell “NO!” and try to sleep again. At one point around 3am I jumped out of bed and Spencer said, “Where are you going?” and I yelled “I’M THIRSTY” and stomped five steps to the kitchen. When I got back he said, “You’re grouchy” or something like that and I said “Well you’re being so noisy!” and went to bed. 

Ha! This is all happening when we’re more than half asleep.

And I kept dreaming about professors and trying to remember who was a “distinguished” professor or “assistant professor” or “professor-lecturer” and oh. my. gosh. that whole thing wouldn’t get out of my head. I was nervous because I was supposed to remember things about professors and I couldn’t. It was like the same dream I had when I worked at Zupas, trying to remember how to make the Mango Berry salad or when I worked at Steve Madden and dreamt about the names of boots and their prices. Gaaah! 
So I texted Amber when my alarm went off at 5:25am and said I wasn’t going to get up, haha, and I went back to bed.
Major things to do this weekend and it’s time to stop avoiding. Booooo.