My screaming woke me up. 

It woke Spencer up too. I was awake but it was all still happening. Spencer pulled me over to his side of the bed. “Why didn’t you answer your phone?” I said to him. “No one answered their phone.” 

Shhhh, shhhh, he said. 
Happy, think of something happy, he said. 
I couldn’t think of anything, but nightmares. I remembered the dinosaur nightmare when I was young. Dinosaurs everywhere. Dinosaurs about to stomp on me, eat me, and roaring so loud. Why were they so loud? I tried to imagine those dinosaurs roaring. I wanted nothing but roars. Don’t take me back to this nightmare, just give me those loud roaring dinosaurs. I can cover my ears while I sleep. That’s okay. Just give me that nightmare, not this one.
Before I woke up I called Grandma. I already called Spencer, Mom, and Dad and none of them answered. Any numbers I could remember, I tried calling. Grandma didn’t answer, but I could still hear them. It went to voicemail, but it felt as if they had answered and put the phone down. I started screaming. “Call the police!” I screamed. (Why didn’t I call the police?) “Help! I need help!”
“Can you hear her, Tom?” Grandma said. “She’s screaming, she’s… something’s wrong, she’s screaming.”
“Help! Please, please, get here fast, help!”
And I woke up.