Our presentation was fantastic. We presented on The Song of Roland and we made everyone in the class participate. Half of the class was Charlemagne’s army and the other half was the Spanish Muslim army. Of course they all grumbled when they had to put their computers away and actually move their bodies, but I think by the end they had fun ambushing one side of the class, pretending to be dead, and playing with fake swords. I was Oliver, who accidentally kills Roland at the end because my eyes are, like, popping out or something. I can be quite theatrical. (Ha!) What matters is my professor absolutely loved it. So there’s an A.

Speaking of theatre, my baby sister Mira got the part of Juliet in her sixth grade showing of Romeo and Juliet. Can we all give her a big applause? What I love most about this is after the tryouts she said to me, “I’ll be surprised if I don’t get the part.” I’ll be too, Mira. She is the most confident out of all of us siblings and brings so much happiness into our family. So proud of her!

I’m in the library and I need to read whatever I need to read for my German class. I actually have a class during this time, but I haven’t been for three weeks because it is not worth going. It just wastes my time more than anything.

Well I was in the library when I was writing this. But now I’m at home and I made a smoothie that took too long for how yummy it actually was. We are out of almond milk and regular milk doesn’t taste as good. I added honey. That helped. But the strawberries were completely frozen and it took forever to get two cups out. Now I’m in a bad mood. I get in bad moods too easily. Something just clicks me off and I go silent. Spence doesn’t need another bad mood day, so in a second I will take a deep breath and decide to be happy.

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