This week, next week, and then finals. Ohhh my gosh, can it go any slower? Spring break is the slowest semester. 

This week I am working on presentations and research papers due next week. Thankfully my job is so fun that I’m actually getting a break from school. Today I get to go out and take pictures of someone who received a prestigious national scholarship award. I love getting to use my camera, especially for work. Then I get to sit down and write and talk with awesome faculty on campus. 
My brain hurts so much. I’ve read eight pages of my German reading and I need to read seven more. I think reading is the most difficult thing about German. I need to sit down and memorize more vocabulary because reading is difficult for me. Over the summer I’ll work on vocab. I’m having a hard time in German overall. Writing even emails to my professors or short papers in German is hard. I just want it to feel natural and I’m not there yet, even after eight years. WHY? What am I doing wrong? I guess I feel like I don’t need to “study” when I’m so fluent. But now I don’t feel all that fluent. Grr.
I’m excited for my summer classes. I haven’t ever opened up Illustrator before. It’s going to be a design party all summer. 
On Wednesday Amber and I are going to run four and a half miles. We’ve been at three miles. Four and a half sounds scary, but my goal for a few years now has been to run fives miles a day. This will be a good push. Running makes me feel good. And my stomach is flatter since running. And I’m less anxious. It rocks. 
The Ed and Dede family are in town. They text Spencer more than me. Hank texts Spencer on a regular basis. I love that my family loves Spence so much.
I’m reading Transit by Anna Seghers and from how it started, I feel like it’s gonna to be super good.
What else to write about… I’m tired. Spencer is tired. The sun is out but it’s still freezing. 
Naja. That’s all I’ve got.