Yesterday I cut strawberries and put them in a bag for the freezer. If you keep up with my blog, you can imagine that our small freezer is getting full. We also have like six loaves of bread in there because there was a good deal on bread so I bought a whole month’s worth.

I loved cutting up those strawberries. They made the house smell yummy.

Spencer and I both have canker soars in the back of our mouths from eating so many chips and onion dip on Sunday. I wonder if Amber and Nathan have them too. 
I had to buy make up with my birthday money since I was out of foundation and lipstick. Now I’m going to take my birthday money out of my wallet and hide it in a deep dark corner. 
My grandpa has emailed all of his German professor buddies, telling them about me and where I should look for graduate school. I love my grandpa. One of the professors who doesn’t even know me said in the email to other professors that I was a really talented student who shows great promise and asked what schools I should be thinking about. I love my grandpa. Did I already say that?
Spencer is drinking tea and I’m eating ice cream. He’s wearing a sweater and I’m fanning myself. He’s also watching The Big Bang Theory with headphones (I can’t stand the Big Bang Theory!) and I’m going to watch the rest of The Breakfast Club because I’ve never seen it. 
Spence just laughed real hard. I always laugh when he laughs that hard. His laugh is loud and his low voice goes up an octave. I love that laugh. 
I have six pages single spaced of that darn six to ten page single spaced research paper. I’ve got to stick in five sources and call it good. 
Three more weeks and then I’m done. We’ve got this, people.