I took pictures of an awesome anatomy teacher on campus with his TA students (that love him).

I saw cadavers.

I took photos of a head and the brain.

I didn’t touch it.

I drove to my parents to be at a place where I could not be distracted by my husband and where I could eat free food.

I read my Holocaust book and took the Holocaust exam.

Mom made me a mango smoothie to die for.

Chris and Harrison and Curtis and Maxwell talked to me. I haven’t seen Chris since middle school and it was like old times at the yellow house.

Max helped me understand lines in my Holocaust book.

Mira came home. She talked about being on TV. And drama at school. And notes written in class.

Max left to play dungeons and dragons. Mira left for dance.

Mom and I picked up Dad from the trax.

Dad made himself a PB&J on a pita bread. Mom said, “Charles, ask Anne if she wants one.” Dad said, “Anne do you want one?” I said, “Yes please” and Dad said “Then come make it.” And then we laughed and I left for a minute to call Spencer and in between that time I think my mom said to my dad, “Hey make her one”, and when I came back, Dad handed me a PB&J pita bread. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it went.

Then Dad made his delicious our-family’s-favorite cookies with walnuts in them. And those were yummy.

Harrison asked Dad if he could make a few cookies without walnuts because he got his wisdom teeth out on Monday and it still hurts to eat hard things.

Harrison played SkyRim.

I tried to sparknote The Tiller of Waters so I can get an okay grade on my final tomorrow. There’s wasn’t a Sparknote.

Mom watched Hart of Dixie on her computer while we chatted. While Dad made cookies I talked to him by yelling over Mom’s computer. Mom didn’t have her hearing aides in, so she turned on her volume higher, which made me yell louder. Then Mom stuck lay her head on the keyboard on her computer to be able to hear and I said “Why can’t you hear?” and she said “Cause you’re yelling” so I moved to the kitchen counter.

Chris (from the beginning of the day) said I looked like my family, but a total mix of my mom and dad. He couldn’t pin point which one I looked more like.

Mom got out a Costco box of almond milk for Spencer.

Dad put a plate of cookies on a place for Spencer.

We talked about laser tagging. Mom loves laser tag.

We talked about the creepy guy who was hitting on mom at laser tag and who said he was a professional (at laser tag). Then we talked about the advice he gave us so we could be better laser-taggers next time.

I ate a banana at one point.

Harrison has yet to show me pictures of Mexico.

I came home and belted out “Call Me Maybe” and other songs on the radio. I told myself I wasn’t bad at all at singing, in fact I’m a pretty good singer.

Then I told myself I needed to take a dance class because all I wanna do is wiggle.

I told myself I needed to take a guitar class because I’ve wanted to play the guitar.

I thought about how much I hate the major “international relations” and how I don’t want to take those two darn classes to finish it off, I just want to take art classes and be fine with a German degree and a bunch of portfolios.

I thought about how I really want to download that one song by Lorde and how I’m going to do that right now.

I got home and Spencer wasn’t home which I didn’t like, but I knew he was on a run. He did the dishes while I was gone because the sink was empty. The bread maker was plugged into the wall and I looked in and walah a loaf of bread.

I brought the box of almond milk in the house and the plate of cookies for Spencer and took the recycling and trash out. I swept and mopped the kitchen floor. I cleaned the hallway, folded and hung up the laundry, and waited for Spence to come home.

He’s home now and we’re exhausted and I don’t think I’ve kissed him today, so I’ll stop here.