today i will interview the new dean of the college of science. 

then i’ll plow through the last three pages of my essay. 
then i’ll study study study study study study study study. 
then i’ll take my last two exams tomorrow. 
then i’ll sit down and write write write write write write for my job. 
then i’ll figure out classes i want to take over the summer. 
then i’ll sleep starting friday at 12 until sunday at 12 and curl up in a ball on the couch with my grandma’s quilt and my blue IKEA blanket from Kiel.
and i’ll try out new TV shows, like House of Cards, because apparently that’s so legit, says everyone.
and somewhere in there i’ll take a professional picture of spence for his linkedin page and try to get one of my own. 
and then i’ll think about what i should do with my $750 from the rosenbaum award and try to ignore the fact that it really should go towards student loans but that’s so boring, whiney whiney whine.
and then i’ll keep going running monday wednesday friday and try to get up to seven miles on the weekend.
and then… 
somewhere in there i’m going to say (hopefully starting may 1st) “it is time for you to write because you will feel guilty for the rest of your life if you don’t finish this story, so write it.”
and now i’m anxious so i’m going to go back to reviewing my questions for the interview today.

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  1. What a very busy week! Good luck with everything!!!

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