All I want to do is eat out the rest of my life.

I take that back. But right now that’s what I want. Cause I don’t want to have to stand up and do that hard thing of getting an egg out of the fridge, cracking it onto a hot pan, and flipping it. Oh, what hards things I must dooooo.

Spencer and I don’t know what to do. I’d like some attention from him, but he’s looking at the original Star Trek Series Phaser and when I poke him, he doesn’t respond.

It’s my turn to do the dishes and I don’t want to. Ever.

Okay, I’m getting off Photobooth.
I want to go to the International Potluck dinner tonight, but Spencer doesn’t. Well I want to go. Because we don’t have anything to eat here. 
But what am I going to eat until then? What will we eat if we don’t go? 
Also it’s so sunny and warm outside and we’ve been in the house all day. I’ve been working all morning and now it’s time to play. 
I want to play Mario Party again with Haley and Christian. 
Spencer’s mean.
“I am not mean! Go eat something! You’re going to start being mean to me and I’m not going to tolerate it!”
“You can’t just blog everything I say.”
Mumble. “Of course you’re going to anyways.”
Fine, I won’t anymore.
Don’t blow in my face. 
Fine, I’ll go eat something.