On Saturday we headed to my parents to mooch off of their Memorial Weekend fun. Ollie and Annie, my awesome cousins, hung out at my parents all weekend which made our day extra fun. The guys and I went to see X-Men which was fantastic, and Mira, Mom and Annie got pedicures and bought shoes. 
While we waited for the girls to get home, we all played Munchkin together. We didn’t finish our game, but Dad was in the lead. I never get monsters in that game. And you need monster cards to go up levels. Psh. 
After dinner, all of us took bikes up to the shops where we were disappointed to find the ice cream shop was closed. Mom, Spencer, Maxwell, and I went on a bike ride around the lake. I can’t believe I’d never done this with Spencer. It was beautiful and cool and those mountains are to die for.

Then we went to Chocolate, a cafe near on Redwood road that has the yummiest of treats. Spencer and I hadn’t ever been, but we were sure happy with what we got. Delicious.
On Sunday I forgot to take my camera for the rest of our adventures when we went to Spencer’s family and had a delicious dinner like always. We got there around 4:30 and stayed until midnight. Gayla and I got on old boyfriends topic and high school stories and I told one of the most embarrassing stories that I witnessed in high school, which had to do with a poor boy on a bleacher at a basketball game. I can’t tell you the rest, but I don’t think Sandra, Bruna, Megan or I will ever be able to forget. 
Spencer played an old computer game at the table, which was disappointing for him. It was nostalgic, but not as fun as he remembered when he was younger. 

On Monday we woke up late and ate cookies that Gayla made us the day before. Then we went to Cactus & Tropicals and thought very hard about buying a bunch of succulents, but then we didn’t. It sounded fun to buy the succulents, but then it sounded like too much work on a holiday to buy dirt, sand, moss, and then put it into a vase and arrange them and stuff. So we didn’t. We just looked. And I was kind of in a bad mood after that, but I shook it off. (I get in bad moods super quickly when things like that happen. You’re all excited about something and then it just… blah.)

Around six, after Spencer worked on his homework a bit and I watched like four episodes of Mad Men, we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to hike up to donut falls.

It was a good idea. Fresh air and the smell of pines. Yummy.

There was some snow on the ground and trail was super muddy, but we made it this far to donut falls. The rest was too slippery and wet for us, but it was still a lovely time and much needed.

Now we’re back to work and school and Spencer had a migraine. I’ve never had a migraine, but they sound so, so awful. My allergies have been terrible today and I might be getting a summer cold. But oh well. We had a good weekend.