Good morning and happy Saturday! This week has been crazy and I haven’t been able to sit down and write, so I’m glad it’s the weekend and I can take a break for a little bit.

Spencer is gone cleaning carpets (his weekend job) and I got up at 10:15 or so. I kept opening my eyes and closing them again to finish my dream. And now… when I wanted to tell you about it… I can’t remember it.

The dishes have all been washed, thanks to Spencer yesterday. I have the laundry running and now I need to make myself something to eat. We’re out of sugar, which is a bummer. The living room is clean too.

When I was brushing my teeth half asleep this morning and when I leaned over the sink, I had this realization, like, this is MY home. This is mine that Spencer and I pay for every month. And we have all of this stuff thanks to friends and family, and we’re actually making this happen. It’s kind of like those moments when I look at Spencer and I think this is my husband. Whoa. Haha. Those moments are funny. I’m sure I will have them as a mom too when I look at my kids and think, the crap? These are my kids. When did this happen?

Anyway, I’m proud of us. I’m proud that we are getting through school and living in a home and that we’ve been able to do this together. Accomplishments! They’re cool.

Spence left me a sticky note on the doorway this morning that says he loves me and have a great day. He makes me happy.

All week I’ve had wanderlust. It’s killing me. I want to be done with college and get out of here. I love Utah, love Utah, but it’s just time now. I feel like I want to do something completely different. Like go get a masters in something I wouldn’t have expected even for myself. I just want to be able to do more things and show myself I can. What could I do with my life?

I started looking at real estate (cough, Grandma 🙂 )and I found this house near Portland. The thing is, Spencer wouldn’t love to live on the east coast, but for some reason I feel like my options of living in the west are limited and that might be because Nevada is right next to us and that doesn’t sound very appealing (I want green and trees) and then Arizona doesn’t sound fun. And Washington always sounds nice, but the weather… And Oregon… Probably the weather too. But either way I’m looking at real estate in Portland and it’s been super fun.

I’m bored a lot. I’m really busy but then I’m not. And usually being busy drains me, but it’s not. So once I’m not working I want to go out and play, but Spencer is drained from his math and physics homework. So yeah. I just want friends over every night and Spencer is tired and that makes perfect sense. We’ve switched places. Last summer I was dead from working full-time and after class and work Spencer was still ready to go do stuff every day. What should I doooo? Someone come entertain me pleeeeease.


  1. Oh, I’m so happy you’ve joined the real estate junkies. By now you will know all about Zillow and Trulie. Isn’t it fun to snoop through other people’s houses?

    I think Portland would be a delightful place to live.

  2. I think so too. I didn’t know about Trulie, but I do know about Zillow. I love this house. It looks like the Providence model in Daybreak, haha. I love the wood floors and white walls and the big backyard and the trees and plants towering over it. I just want to move. Ohh man, I just want to move.

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