I don’t have to take classes this summer. It’s a dream come true. I’m taking a test on June 6th that will give me 16 credits worth of beginner German classes since I never took them. It will only be $40 a credit. After this, I will be done paying for my undergraduate education. (There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!)

I get to work and take pictures and write and self-learn Photoshop and Illustrator and write my novel. 
Since I can work at home when I’m writing things, I’ll be at home a lot. I’ll have to kick myself out of the house during the mornings and afternoons. 
Something new just came up in my life which will make me a little bit busier and a better person. I can’t tell you yet, but I’m excited to tell you cause it’s going to be really cool. 
I painted my nails red. And my toes. We’re out of shampoo. I’m not blow drying my hair. I’m not wearing make up unless I have to. 
Primary Children’s Hospital is lovely. We subbed for someone on Sunday and got to be in fast and testimony meeting. You realize how silly you are for doubting little things when mothers and siblings of sick children are saying that God lives and Christ died for them and they are constantly blessed, even though they’ve been in and out of the hospital for two months, six months, two, three, ten years. God is so real and I felt Him in our little Sacrament Meeting on the third floor of Primary Children’s Hospital last Sunday. I’m thankful for our calling.
A woman from maintenance rang our doorbell and walked in at 9am this morning. She said, “Oh, don’t mind me, go back to bed!” Right, okay. Our toilet is fixed now. Thank goodness.
We’ve borrowed Gayla’s bread maker. Spencer makes bread and we have Abendbrot for dinner with peppers and cheese and yummy things. 
Spencer was on Animal Planet all weekend looking up dog videos. He’s obsessed. He wants to make up a sickness so we can have a dog at our apartment for “emotional support.” We love Great Danes. Spencer likes bulldogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, New Foundlands, and Gordon Setters. I don’t love the idea of a bulldog. Look at these videos though. Ohhh, they’re so cute!
I want a New Foundland! 
(Animal Planet doesn’t have the 101 Great Dane vid on YouTube, so this will suffice)


  1. All of these dogs have enormous poops.

  2. As long as they have enormous hearts.


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