This picture sums up my last week. While my aunt and uncle partied in California, Spencer and I hung out at their house and played with Oscar and Olive, their two Boston Terriers. I love how my aunt and uncle decorate their house with pictures of their kids and all things Boston Terrier. 
They also had a TV. And a basement. And, like, space! Man oh man did it feel good to sit in the basement and watch a DVD on an actual TV. Not a computer. A TV! Heaven.
I teach for the second time this Sunday. It’s about David and Goliath. Everyone loves that story and I’m excited to have a conversation about it in class. I’ve been thinking about all of the Goliaths in my life. Depression. Anxiety. Sadness. Anger. Shame. Guilt. Mostly what come to mind are the emotional, spiritual stuff. Not the physical stuff. Funny how so many non-physical things can be so painful. I was exhausted last week because of these Goliaths. Just exhausted. 
Thankfully I had doggies jumping up on me and saying, “Hey! I demand love and affection from you NOW” so I spent a lot of time outside.
We’re back in our tiny apartment where we bump into each other every five minutes. 
This morning Spencer kissed me goodbye and said, “You, are the light of my world.” He’s such a weirdo. But he’s my weirdo and I can’t get enough of him.


  1. You got a good one!

    • You did too.
      …And we’re pretty good ourselves. How about we get all of our goodiness together and do something this weekend. Yes? Yes?

  2. Thanks, again, dears. They miss you!

  3. According to Malcolm Gladwell, Goliath didn’t have a chance with David. Have you read it?

    I like your question: who/what are our own Goliaths?

    • My mom gave me the audiobook a couple of months ago, so I’m trying to listen before Sunday. Julie also sent me a message with lots of awesome sources. We’ll have to chat once I’m done with it.

  4. You’re adorable! Let’s go to lunch soon!

    • Yes. You and Meg should make a Salt Lake date and come see me.

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