This is me writing my novel right now. I decided to write what I felt like writing, so I skipped to that part in the story and I can’t stop smiling. So many memories are coming back. Just little things, you know? Which is so exciting! I’m just loving this. 
Also, it’s incredibly uncomfortable at parts. I’m just embarrassed with my 16-year-old self. And other parts, I’m like, get a grip, Anne! Do what you want to do and stop worrying about your life!
I’ve been re-playing Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield in order to write this part. I don’t know why, but that helps. I’ve also listened to Not Fair by Lilly Allen, which has pretty bad lyrics but the chorus keeps me writing, so there. 
I’m really sensitive to music, and I think you know that if you’ve been a reader for a while. I cannot listen to music during homework and I will not listen to music on bus rides cause I get way too sentimental for my own good. But right now, music is like the best thing ever. I’m writing so fast! I’m pushing out stories like crazy! I’m far from writer’s block! 
Hahaha, oh my gosh the lyrics of Not Fair are so bad, but I can’t stop listening. I’m WRITING.


  1. Hooray for writing! I would love to read it someday.

  2. Go Anne! I played my A’capella album when I wrote my first novel. Make the painful parts even more painful than they were. Makes for good reading.

  3. I know! I had to listen to songs that I’ve avoided for years. Super painful, but good.

    My goal is 2017. Done, finished, sent to some publisher person by ’17. (I can admit that on a comment in my post, but not in an actual post. Haha)

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