This week Ana, Megan and I had a picnic at Daybreak lake. We were there for hours, not realizing that the sun was still creeping on us behind the clouds and burning both Megan’s and my skin. I love being with these girls. I love that Ana is pregnant, that Megan calls herself crazy because she’s forgetting things all of the time (she’s usually very orderly), I love that I can lie on the picnic and not worry if my underwear is showing and just listen to stories. They make me smile and I’m so proud of who they are today. They have constantly shown love and loyalty. I’m lucky.

We haven’t changed much. 
Ana’s sister Mariela is a huge couponer, so after our picnic we went to her parents’ house and loaded up on cereal. I got two free boxes of Reeses Puffs. That’s my breakfast, lunch and dinner for Monday right there. Kidding, but not really.
After our picnic Megan and I drove up to Kingsbury hall to see our sisters dance at a recital. I met up with Spencer on the way there. We sat with Megan’s family and I finally met her aunts and her grandma who she’s been raving about for 5+ years.
They love Spencer.

Our family sans Harrison. He was with friends.

I love being at the U and Salt Lake in general because my great grandparents are everywhere. I love that they have their name on one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. (Don’t mind my sunburned nose)

I’ve had a nasty week, so being with family and friends was lovely. We celebrated Father’s Day by going to Spencer’s family and eating hamburgers outside. Kevin was around. When he’s here, we get to hear about his fun college life. Katie is in Hawaii paragliding with friends and probably having the time of her life. No Instagram photos, though. She’s taking it all in for herself and not sharing.

I’m ready for a new week. Breathing. Working. Writing. Pictures. Friends. I’m meeting with an old friend this week named Amanda. I can’t wait to see her. I love old friend reunions.